Welcome to Trapper Kanot AB
Trapper Kanot is one of the oldest canoe and kayak manufacturers in Sweden. Tour paddling is a long enjoyed tradition in Sweden, with FKI in Stockholm forming a club in 1900.

Two of the early and most famous Swedish designers were Max Andersson and Sven Thorell. They laid the foundation for the Swedish Touring Kayak. The Swedish Touring Kayak has its roots in racing kayaks. The waterlines are longer, very clean and fast. The conditions in the Swedish archipelago can be choppy and windy. The Swedish Touring Kayak with its deep hulls and fine lines is well suited for this environment. In fact, Trapper Kanot is still producing Max Andersson�s Ark� and Combi designs.


Today, Trapper Kanot is working together with the Swedish designer Hans Friedel. For his work with kayak and canoe design, Hans has become a member of the Swedish Yacht Designer Association (SYR). The kayaks designed by Hans Friedel are modern versions of the Swedish Touring Kayak. The underwater lines are clean and fast, the designs are very seaworthy. The deck layouts are modern and the cockpits tighter than older kayaks, a nice mix of tradition and modern technology.

Trapper Kayaks and Canoes are HANDMADE by skilled craftsmen with the best materials available. Browse through the pictures from our workplace, our fine craftsmanship and the Swedish Archipelago to see why Trapper is so special.

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